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Give a green and tasty gift

Do you have a friend who simply loves green food, slender wine or wholesome breakfast?

A gift card from Glou Glou can be spent on a wide range of unique experiences, all with one thing in common: the love of food and wine. And the best of it all is that we belong to a big family which means that the gift card can be used in any of our oases throughout Copenhagen.

Whether you prefer a tailor-made wine tasting, a luxury tasting dinner with friends, green breakfast or you need to fill up your wine racks with the most delicious wines – we are ready to deliver.

The gift card is sold at the restaurant and can be used for food, wine and social functions at:​

Glou Glou


Paté Paté

Paté Paté Cph Airport

Husted Vin




Rantzausgade 22

2200 København N

Mail info@glougloucph.dk

Phone +45 41 80 00 16

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