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Let's Glou Glou  

Glou Glou is the new green oasis in Nørrebro. It is colourful and lively with a green approach to food and wine - without attitude!

The menu at Glou Glou reflects the 60-30-10 concept. This means that 60% of the dishes are totally vegetarian. 30% are fish dishes and 10% are meat dishes - a true paradise for vegetarians with meat eating friends. Hundreds of green plants combined with floral print sofas create a greenhouse-like interior that will no doubt inspire guests to take a greener direction - also on their plates.

It may sound like baby language, but it is a fact that 'glou glou' has gradually been accepted in international wine circles, first of all in a natural wine world. Its translation means "glugging", referring to the sound of the wine when poured from the bottle, but also to the type of wines that are easy to drink - mostly due to their low content of alcohol and tannin. Most of us probably know how a light wine feels whose scent and taste is so good that it can be 'glou gloued' without problems. We took our name from that, because our wine list includes plenty of 'glou glou wines'​.

Come and have a try, watch and enjoy with your own body - and leave us with a clear conscience and without a compromise.

Glou Glou

Kenn Husted



Rantzausgade 22

2200 København N

Mail info@glougloucph.dk

Phone +45 41 80 00 16

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