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When you name your company 'Love of Food N' Wine' 

and you have a heartfelt dream to pass on this love

to other people, you must commit yourself.

Since the opening of our first place in 1997, much wine has flowed under the bridge, and today Love of Food N' Wine includes seven different restaurants and two wine stores, located all over wonderful Copenhagen; Bibendum, Falernum, Paté Paté, Husted Vin Meat Packing District and Husted Vin Gl. Strand, Vinbodegaen both on Frederiksberg and Nørrebro, Paté Paté Winebar & Tapas in Copenhagen Airport plus Glou Glou - and more may be in the making.

At the centre stands the man who started it all, Kenn Husted, with several titles: Owner, Wine Pusher, Ideas Man and Innkeeper. His unstoppable breakaway urge and endeavour to get in touch with new unique partners like wine growers and providers, and his food fantasies and ability to gather passionate people in the kitchen as well as in the bar continue to be a major driving force for the company.


We at LOFNW make it a virtue of not being quite like all the others in the restaurant business. Kenn Husted follows his heart, he dares to take a chance, and that is reflected in the growth of the company. The story never ends, on the contrary - new chapters are added all the time, and it is our hope that as many people as possible will follow us in our exciting journey.



Rantzausgade 22

2200 København N


Phone +45 41 80 00 16

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